Once upon a time, in Berlin, there was a young caterpillar dreaming to be a butterfly. She travelled around Europe, gathering images and inspiration, seeking for her great metamorphosis moment.

After months, in Vienna, a pink rabbit from London told her on a starry night, that there is a small town in northern Greece, called Soufli, where she could find what she truly wanted.


She embarked on this long trip to reach her magical transformation place, reaching Athens first, where an old owl gave her a cocoon-shaped coat to travel further to the north. A white dove flew her over the blue Greek sky to Soufli, causing her cocoon to melt and upon reaching the ground a beautiful soft butterfly was born.  


Wear art and let the magic begin!


Make your own statement and wear the scarf everyday, as it can complement any outfit and be worn many ways - around the neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!


Designed by Mia Papa

Made in Soufli, Greece


100% natural fine silk

Twill-woven and hand rolled

Turquoise Chair

€55.00 Regular Price
€46.75Sale Price

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