Limited Edition

2020 New Year's Lucky Charm


As silk meets ink, so art meets calligraphy.


Mia Papa collaborated with calligrapher Maria Genitsariou, to create the limited edition 2020 New Year’s charm, embracing new beginnings, whilst stepping on stronger and more solid grounds, based on our heritage and rich culture. This dialogue was depicted by the adaptation of a Greek majuscule (upper case) scripture of 1st cent. AD., reading wishes for the new year in Greek, on playful, vivid and bold colors.


We wish you all,


Joy . Health . Hope . Success . Wealth . Love


Designed by Mia Papa in collaboration with Maria Genitsariou

Made in Soufli, Greece


100% natural fine silk

Twill-woven and hand rolled

Size: 140 x 5cm

2020 CURARCHITECT by Mia Papa with Maria Genitsariou


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