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Last month, we planned a trip to a small town in northern Greece called Soufli, where our hand-crafted scarves are being produced. We had the opportunity to see in person the silk production, to get to know the warm-hearted local producers and craftsmen and become amazed by the rich history and culture that this small place has.

Situated 70 kilometers east of Alexandropouli, Soufli had become part of the silk road during the Byzantine era, with the fabric turning into the town’s main source of income up until the 1980s. The architecture still mirrors the local silk economy through the town’s signature “koukoulospita” – high-ceiling houses whose upper floors once housed silk worms and their cocoons. About 200 individuals are employed in the local industry nowadays, ranging from sericulture to selling silk products at stores as well as artisans working on embroideries at home.

Our trip raised many crucial questions about the economy of the fashion production and the importance of hand-crafted, locally sourced and hand-made products. Since we started our silk scarf adventure, we had a clear philosophy and ethos depicted in the following words:


Nowadays, that everything is working on high speed and the demand grows, we took the bold decision to take a step back and offer to you something special, which takes time and effort to be produced.

But believe us, it is worth it!

So, have a little taste of this unique place called Soufli and be reminded that every silk piece is made in Greece, where silk is grown from natural silkworm cocoons since antiquity. After being gently twill-woven, printed, cut, washed and ironed, our scarf is taken by local seamstresses to sew it traditionally by hand. Finally, it comes back to us in Vienna, where we carefully package it, together with some special souvenirs from Soufli and we deliver it to you as soon as possible!

Wear art and let the magic begin!

Stay tuned!


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