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Mia Papa was born and raised in Athens. After completing her architecture studies in England and cultural management in Vienna, she worked for several years as an international architect, curator and creative director with developers and private clients throughout the UK, Austria, Germany, Greece and UAE. 


Her portfolio includes the design and management of a wide range of projects in multiple disciplines and locations. With the core of her spectrum gravitating around the field of architecture, art and management, she has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines.


In 2018, she got an important offer to work as a Lead Architect at a large corporation in Berlin, where the innovative spirit of the city, unconsciously influenced her, since she always wanted to have her own creative studio, combining the two great loves - architecture and art in her own way. Following a serious accident, Mia had to abstain from work for quite some time, giving her plenty of time to plan from home and create handmade paper collages, as a relief to the situation she was in. The collages were initially silk screen-printed on cotton paper and then she decided to print on actual silk and the brand name Mia Papa was born.


Mia always had a great love for scarves. As an architect, smart and creative solutions always appeal to her. A single piece of fabric gives multiple and imaginative applications. A scarf, through size, colours, different patterns and way of applying, highlights aspects of our personality, giving us dynamism, charm, femininity, masculinity, mystery, elegance, a sense of humour and much more. It gives to the person who wears it the absolute freedom and magic to transform his or her outfit and appearance.


What makes the scarves special is the philosophy behind their creation and the particular architectural and feminine approach to their design. The brand prides itself on the sustainable, organic and handmade way of production, through the support of small local production units in Greece, with all the required certifications, as well as through natural organic materials and handmade finishing. Moreover, the design of the scarf is very unique, based on floor plans of monumental buildings and the power of the feminine nature, capturing them through intense, dynamic and bold colour combinations.

Mia inspires to create a lifestyle sustainable, organic & handmade brand of wearable and homeware art and to continue spreading magic, passion and love to everyone around who trusts her creations!

Photo Credits: Kynthia Kindeli