MIA PAPA is a lifestyle sustainable, organic & handmade brand of wearable and homeware art, launched in 2019.

The statement and luxurious 100% silk products are made in Greece by architect and founder Mia Papa. 

The brand prides itself on the sustainable and ethical way of production, with a unique architectural and feminine approach to its design. 


What makes the products special is the philosophy behind their creation and their unique design based on floor plans of monumental buildings and the power of the feminine nature, capturing them through intense, dynamic and bold colour combinations. 


MIA PAPA, through the ready-to-wear and homeware collections, addresses the modern woman on an international level, proposing an inspiring, elegant and high quality lifestyle.

lifestyle sustainable brand

made in greece

Nowadays, that everything is working on high speed and the demand grows, MIA PAPA took the bold decision to take a step back and offer something special, which takes time and effort to be produced. ​


Every silk product is made in Greece, where silk is grown from natural silkworm cocoons since antiquity. After being gently twill-woven, printed, cut, washed and ironed, the products are taken by local seamstresses to sew it traditionally by hand. 

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